Introducing our new Eco Roast signature 'Barista Blends Collection'

Having spent years perfecting our Zero Waste roasting technology, we then set about creating the perfect range of Eco Roasted coffees, with simplicity in mind for all to enjoy. Each coffee carefully created with our core ethics in mind to ensure they are all ethical, sustainable & enjoyable.

All easily identifiable by their unique colours, numbers and of course the trademarked

Eco Roast logo. 








INTENSE & COMPLEX - Medium Roast

Rainforest Alliance Coffee


BRIGHT & CREAMY - Medium Roast

Direct Trade Coffee


RICH & VIBRANT - Dark Roast

Fair Trade Coffee


DECAF - RICH & SWEET - Dark Roast

Mountain Water Coffee


JUICY & SWEET - Light Roast

Triple Certified Coffee


SMOOTH & STRONG - Medium Roast

High Caffeine Coffee

All Blends Collection are available in the following formats:

1kg Catering Packs

250g Wholebean Retail

250g Ground Retail

Coffee Capsules

50g Filter Sachets

All our 'Blends Collection' coffees are available in 1kg catering packs for the volume users of this delicious range of eco roast coffees.

250g packs of whole bean coffee for the coffee drinkers who like to freshly grind their own beans before they brew their eco roast coffee.

250g packs of filter ground coffee in each blend for the filter brewers looking for pre-ground eco roasted coffee.

100% Infinitely Recyclable Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Capsules designed to offer our full range of coffee to the capsule system users.

50 x 50g Sachets of filter

ground coffee designed to work with a pourover or bulk brew machine. Case contains 50 standard filters also.

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