We appreciate that not all new products look the same and therefore if your desired Eco Roast product varies from the standard packs as detailed above, get in touch and discuss the product you are looking to develop, we will be more than happy to assist developing this product with you.

So you understand the concept of Brand Partnering and decided to join the Eco Roast revolution by becoming a Brand Partner - FANTASTIC

It really is as easy as 1..2..3..



This is where you will get to work with Eco Roast, and we cannot emphasise enough how important this is. There are a number of scenarios that Eco Roast can help you with...

1. You already have a great coffee blend and want to have it Eco Roasted:

Get in contact with Eco Roast and make an appointment to come and see us, take your chosen blend and take them through your brew process and the particular flavours you enjoy about your coffee. We will then be able to 'Blend Match' your coffee for you from scratch, or you can advise the blend constituents if you know them. Ensure you bring us sufficient fresh sample of your chosen bean in whole bean form. This would normally be 1kg of Whole Bean fresh coffee in a sealed bag. 

2. Choosing a white label blend that Eco Roast already produces:

Speak to us here at Eco Roast HQ about our own white label blends, suitable for a number of different brew methods already tried and tested. Take time to come and visit the Roastery and sample the different coffees and choose the ones you want to work with. Choosing the white label blends is by far the fastest route to market.

3. Developing your own custom blend: 

There is no doubt that developing your own unique blend is something to be very proud of. For this process to be successful it is essential to spend a good amount of time with us here at the Eco Roast HQ, as there are a number of stages to go through to perfect this option. Having a clear knowledge of what you are looking to achieve is very important. Know what flavours you want to promote and which brew methods you will be operating. Sampling, cupping and tweaking is a time consuming process, although the results can be very rewarding.


Probably the most important part of your coffee - YOUR BRAND

Of course it has to taste amazing - but without your own look and feel, its not the full package! 

This is your chance to promote your brand. As with the coffee blends there are a number of options often available to you, we have tried to make these as simple as possible for you:

1. You are able to produce your own in-house artwork:

Simply download the template on this page and ensure that your imagery fits around the guidelines and design brief. Save your finalised artwork as a hi-res image and send it to us, we will then send it to our label printing partner and will manage the process from there.

2. Use our Eco Roast design partner service:

We have partnered with a local design and media company Ingredients Media, who are skilled at developing artwork and labelling knowing our requirements in house, which helps them to keep the process quicker and more cost effective for you.

There is a cost to this service, which will be dependent on the amount of work you are looking for them to complete for you, although it as a greatly reduced cost to a 3rd party design agent.

3. Using a 3rd Party Design agency to help build your brand image:

The third option is to outsource your design requirements to a design house or agency. This can often take longer and cost significantly more, however the quality of design can often prove good value for money, particularly if you believe there is an opportunity for the packs to be on public display amongst others well known brands. It is worth visiting a couple of design agents in your area and get a feel for their experience in this market and the potential expected costs to you.



Having now perfected your blend and your brand, we can then bring the two together in perfect harmony to produce your amazing coffee using our amazing technology.

We are more than happy to discuss each stage of the process to you in more detail should you require, however it really has been made as easy as we possibly could.

There are a couple of other elements of the process to consider to ensure there is no disappointment or delay in receiving your product:

1. Lead times:

Whilst we are fully equipped to deal with your enquiry, please also consider our current workload. Set realistic times for your product launch, a rushed product launch is often a recipe for mistakes. Please also consider lead times of the other suppliers in the chain. It is expected that the full process from concept to completion can take approximately 4-6 weeks.

2. Design parameters:

Whilst you have effectively free reign on the design of the bag labels under your own brand, please be mindful that there are stipulations on the content and design of your label, this is to avoid any misrepresentation and to protect the ECO ROAST brand, its Brand Partners and its customers. Please therefore familiarise yourself with both the DESIGN TEMPLATE, THE TERMS & CONDITIONS, BRAND IDENTITY & TRADEMARK


3. Deliveries:

Delivery times should be taken as estimates with all efforts being made throughout the chain to ensure you receive your product as quickly as possible.  We will ensure that you are kept informed of all progess along the process.



"Let us help you promote YOUR brand today, using our technology of tomorrow"

Justin Cornelius - Eco Roast Inventor

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