We want everyone to have access to this groundbreaking technology, so we are making this possible through brand partnering. Let ECO ROAST work with you, co-branding to maximise the impact for your brand. 

You will see the Eco Roast Trademark branding on a number of different coffee products, 
the range of coffee products will grow, but the message will stay the same.
"The coffee bearing this mark will represent ethical,
sustainable and environmental best practice"

How does it work?

Eco Roast is a trademarked technology and NOT an individual roasting company, which means that there is no conflict of interest between the Eco Roast Roaster and your business. The generic packaging used by Eco Roast Brand Partners is deliberately designed to allow co-branding easily between roaster and coffee companies.

We have even made the process super simple. All you need to do is discuss the type and quantity of coffee you are looking to sell with your Eco Roaster and they can help you develop your own blend or replicate a blend you may already have, then all they need is your artwork - this is your time to shine!

The full front of the packs are dedicated to YOUR brand, simply produce artwork for your bags (100mm x 175mm for your 1kg bulk bags and 75mm x 120mm for your retail bags) and your Eco Roaster will arrange to get these printed for you, they will then apply these labels to give you a professional looking clearly co-branded product, the remaining sides of the bags are pre-printed with generic information about ECO ROAST technology which will help your customers understand the process and the efforts you have made to provide a more responsible product for them to enjoy and benefit from!


ECO ROAST coffee is available in standard sized cases, where the box is also generically printed

in the ECO ROAST brand, with your label applied to the front/centre of each case.


Eco Roast is one of the most commercially sustainable methods of roasting fresh coffee in the world and this amazing USP could be yours to promote and benefit from. The ECO ROAST roaster has a vested interest in promoting this technology to further advance their operation, and in doing this all our brand partners will also benefit significantly in a number of different ways: multiple marketing budgets pooled to your advantage, improving your CSR, becoming part of the wave of sustainable and responsible business. We have seen a huge increase in the interest and demand for a more sustainable and responsible approach to coffee roasting/packing from within the industry, it is for this reason we have offered this easy to adopt solution for our brand partners. 

How Much?

Eco Roast Coffee won't cost you anymore than other contract roasted coffees, what the technology offers is even greater value in your product. Your product cost will be based around the specification of your coffees and the volume you wish to purchase. Our roasters have access to a massive range of coffees with which they can accommodate your coffee blend requirements and specifications. 

Don't forget that the larger the order the more economic the delivery becomes for you.

Our roasters can manage orders of between 1-1000kg per order.

"Let us help you promote YOUR brand today, using our technology of tomorrow"

Justin Cornelius - Eco Roast Inventor

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