Eco-Roast Coffee is a sustainable coffee initiative with a difference.
Eco-Roast has recognised and realised the potential of harnessing the power of used coffee grounds, in a closed loop system, where the energy stored in used coffee grounds, is harvested to roast fresh batches of coffee, reducing energy waste and passing on the sustainable benefits to their partners and customers.


The Eco-Roast Carbon Free Coffee initiative incorporates the conjoined efforts of its Brand Partners, Partner Companies and Customers running their pooled sustainability campaigns in partnership with The Green Earth Appeal for greater impact.



Eco-Roast, as well as reusing used coffee grounds, plant hundreds of fruit trees every month in the developing world regions which offer food, education, income and opportunity to those who need it most, and also offer a more sustainable life to the families affected.

By planting fruit trees through the Eco Roast Carbon Free Coffee initiative, there are twofold results:

Firstly, and most importantly, every time a fruit tree is planted, we are providing a lifeline to a community. A sustainable harvest that provides on so many levels, as what maybe considered a simple fruit tree to us, is so much more to them: a vital source of sustainable food, a rich source of vitamins, a community project, agricultural employment, much needed shade, a playground and a sanctuary!

Secondly For every tree planted there is 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide Sequestered in its lifetime, it is calculated that a single cup of coffee produces 59g of carbon dioxide in its life from Crop to Cup, which equates to 4.5kg of carbon dioxide per 1kg Pack of Coffee, by planting a single fruit tree we are offsetting the carbon dioxide emission equivalent to 222kg of freshly Eco Roasted coffee!

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