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Developing and operating this amazing technology is great, but what about the coffee? How good is it?
We pride ourselves in selecting, sourcing and roasting the very best coffees from around the world, expertly blended and roasted by hand to ensure the very best of every bean is captured for you to enjoy. The technology doesn't impact the roasting at all, we roast in either 12kg , 15kg or 70kg batches and roast between 16 - 26mins per batch, depending on the profile we are looking for.
With access to a huge range of some 100 different coffees in stock all the time, we are well versed at developing bespoke blends for customers as well as roasting a number of core and signature white label blends we have expertly created.
We are able to match customer blends if required or seek out a specific origin or estate if required. Whether its fully caffeinated or ethically Decaffeinated, we have the coffee you are looking for.
Roasting between 250kg - 2000kg per day also means we have the capacity to look after your requirements, whether great or small. 
Watch our "Crop 2 Cup & Back" video to see the full cycle!
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