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"The deliverers of a greener coffee future"

We are thrilled you have found us, we need your trade skills and mastery of the coffee machines to help spread some greatness. Eco Roast is an awesome technology, which creates truly fabulous coffee beans, but without professional Eco Barista's like you guys - they will never reach their true potential.

So to help make Eco Roast truly awesome from bean to cup for the trade, we have added a couple of optional extras just for you guys - because we want you to show off your skills & knowledge using our coffee!

1. We can supply your coffee to you in our new Eco Tubs, reusable containers that allow you to completely eliminate the need for waste packaging altogether!  We can even collect your used coffee grounds at the same time!

2. We have a range of starter packs and POS

available to help you get started using Eco Roast as well as demonstrating to your customers how committed you are to helping the environment by using Eco Roast Coffee.

3. Your coffee will come to you CARBON NEGATIVE, as every case of trade coffee we sell will contribute to our Carbon Free Coffee funds which our friends at Ecologi will put to good use with their carbon reduction schemes around the globe.

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