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Our great tasting Eco Roast Coffees have only existed because of the great Eco Fuels we have been producing here at Eco Roast HQ, made from the 'waste' products we have access to, to keep our roasters running.

As the production of these has increased, we now produce more that we currently need ourselves and so we are now making these widely available to the domestic market. 

So now our waste pallet kindling, hardwood pellets, coffee pellets and of course the coffee briquettes are available to buy.

Ever since the inception of Eco Roast, the production and development of Eco Roast fuels has been running in the background alongside the award winning coffee products. 

Now the same products we produce from the 'waste' is now available for you to buy and sell too. These will be available from Eco Roast wholesalers.

If you are interested in reselling these items, please contact the sales office to discuss. 

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