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ECO ROAST gets a BOOSTER JAB for 2021

No one needs to be told how hard 2020 was, what a year, something I think we will all look back on and wonder how we managed to battle through it and remember those that didn't....

Business has never seen such turbulent times and with many businesses, both large and small on their knees wondering which way to turn next, it has been so incredibly inspiring speaking to many small business owners who, amidst the various lockdowns, have been planning their big comeback once restrictions are finally lifted. Eco Roast too has been doing such planning, and in the face of adversity, never has the vision been clearer!

We started with a brand new website, streamlined, informative and functional, the new look website is far less cluttered, easier to navigate and shines a spotlight on our latest creations - The Barista Blends Collection. A range of deliciously responsible coffees available in a full range of different formats. Now available to purchase direct from the website! Click