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ECO ROAST gets a BOOSTER JAB for 2021

No one needs to be told how hard 2020 was, what a year, something I think we will all look back on and wonder how we managed to battle through it and remember those that didn't....

Business has never seen such turbulent times and with many businesses, both large and small on their knees wondering which way to turn next, it has been so incredibly inspiring speaking to many small business owners who, amidst the various lockdowns, have been planning their big comeback once restrictions are finally lifted. Eco Roast too has been doing such planning, and in the face of adversity, never has the vision been clearer!

We started with a brand new website, streamlined, informative and functional, the new look website is far less cluttered, easier to navigate and shines a spotlight on our latest creations - The Barista Blends Collection. A range of deliciously responsible coffees available in a full range of different formats. Now available to purchase direct from the website! Click HERE to visit the online shop.

Barista Blends Collection available in 2kg,1kg, 250g whole bean and filter ground as well as Nespresso compatible capsules in packs of 12 or 23!

We then moved on to our packaging to see how we could improve what we currently had. We know how good the coffees are, but also wanted to start making a difference with the packaging too, so for our loyal trade customers, we are now able to pack in 2kg Recyclable paper bags that can be recycled into new paper products through traditional paper recycling due to the high quality of the virgin paper used for the bags, so not only less packaging per product, but 100% recyclable too!

For the home users, we now offer our online 250g products in compostable packaging to help reduce the amount of packaging that stays in landfill. These bags have sufficient PLA barrier lining to keep your product fresh from the roasting date to the end of the pack at home.

We have seen a number of new brands join the Eco Roast Licensee scheme to great affect and have a number of larger national brands who will also make an appearance in 2021 too.

To help share the story further we have invested in new marketing and media campaigns also, product placement and sales initiatives should see the brand become far more visible than ever before. This means it has never been a better time to share the success by becoming part of the journey, whether that is by enjoying the coffee at home, reselling the coffee online or by becoming a licensee, brand partner or distributor - we are calling on all coffee lovers to help drive the message of Eco Roast and everything it helps to support.

So if you are interested in selling Eco Roast Coffee yourself, we have made that even easier for you. We have now introduced DropShipping, you simply list and promote the products on your website and when orders come through, we pick them up and ship them for you - direct to your customer! No fuss, no stock, no delays - no worries! This can be done from your own website through an API link to our order fulfilling program or through a 3rd party Dropshipping service such as Modalyst who support our products and make it even easier to list the products to sell to anybody using a Shopify or Wix based ecommerce website - simply install their app and start selling Eco Roast Coffee today!

We have re-invested our energy and time into our Carbon Free Coffee initiative that sees fruit trees being planted in 3rd world countries through Sustainably Run, ensuring 2021 will be a bigger and better year than 2020 for our Carbon Free Coffee initiative

So however you want to make the most of Eco Roast Coffee - NEVER has there been a better time to do it. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together.

Eco Roast Coffee

The Coffee Hub

Semley Business Park

Station Road






We look forward to working with you...

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