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Going back to its roots - ECO ROAST for '23

Eco Roasted Coffee has had a busy year in 2022, its become associated with many new brands of coffee along the way, roasting most days of the week to keep up with orders coming through.

At the same time as roasting other companies coffees, back in late 2020 during lockdown we decided to launch Eco Roast's own brand product range - the "Barista Blends Collection". This was so that the award winning Zero Waste coffee roasting technology could be brought to the attention of many new customers and clients alike during the uncertainty of COVID-19. Eco Roast was never really intended to be a stand alone brand as it is a technology first and foremost. So when lockdown was over and there was once again a need to allow our private and white label customers a fair and even marketplace to use Eco Roast for their own benefit, we took the decision to withdraw Eco Roast Branded products from production. This will then allow all our partners and customers the chance to freely use the technology without brand conflict.

This shift begun in November 22 and is hoped to be complete by Jan 2023. At which point we be able to spend even more time on promoting the technology and developing it even further. One of the new projects we have in our sites for next year is the second generation Eco Roast Coffee Fuel production, after much call for us to produce our fuel on a more commercial scale, we are going to be investing more time and money into making this a reality. This type of growth will further strengthen the foundations of the Eco Roast Technology and all its beneficiaries.

So the future of Eco Roast is firmly rooted in the growth of the roasting technology rather than in a branded range of products, so therefore the branded products will be disappearing from the website and shelves in the coming weeks. If you currently buy any of the Barista Blend products and cant stand the thought of not having it again, don't panic, all the blends we use for this range will continue to be available from 918 Coffee Co (owners of Eco Roast Technology) as one of their white label blends. Therefore if you get in touch with us, we will very quickly point you in the right direction for an on going solution.

There will be no interruption in any service or product provided by 918 Coffee Co, it will simply be a case of switching the brands over on the product, which we will be discussing with each customer in turn upon ordering. It may be a chance for customers to have their own branding or indeed switch to one of our existing consumer facing brands instead.

Once again, there is no need to change anything from your end, we have it all in hand at ours. We encourage you to continue promoting Eco Roast the same as ever. We will also be doing more promoting and sharing over the next few months - so there never has been a better time to be on board with Eco Roast Technology as it goes from strength to strength.

2023 is set to be a great year for Eco Roast with lots of exciting new brands coming on board to help us promote our Zero Waste Roasting Solution. So we sincerely hope you will continue to support and enjoy our products, albeit looking slightly different!

I would also encourage you to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have, we are always more than happy to discuss things in more detail with our customers, so please feel free to reach out and air your questions.

We look forward to bringing you more positive updates in the coming months as we head into a new year, in the meantime, from all of us here at Eco Roast & 918 Coffee Co, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Best Wishes,

Justin Cornelius

Managing Director

918 Coffee Co.

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